Which Floor To Go For When Buying A House In Multistory?

The trend of skyscrapers has become a hot favorite among house aspirants. With the increasing demand, the real estate developers have been undertaking high rise projects in both affordable and luxurious category. To know about the most promising projects coming up in your area, click this link. As per survey in www.huffingtonpost.com, with increasing purchasing power of dual earning household, luxurious condos are the new trend among young investors. Going in for multistory condominium can be an interesting idea, but which floor to select is a very confusing decision. While the view is a major deciding factor but there are other considerations as well which should be closely analyzed before finalizing the house. Here is a list of pros and cons of choices which you can make between ground floor or top floor or somewhere in the middle floors.

Top floor Pros • Excellent view: usually from the top floor you get the best view of the city. In case your town is situated on a coastline, you can even get a view of the ocean. A penthouse is a luxurious option on the top floor. The top floor has glass walls and huge window to give you a breathtaking view especially in the night. • Less noisy and isolated: Especially for the people who need their space and peaceful environment, top floor offers the much-needed silence and space you desire. Since being at such a height, you can stay away from the traffic noise, honking horns of vehicles and other voices. Privacy is also maintained since you need not keep the curtains and window shades always drawn unlike on the lower floors. • Very airy and ventilated:Since being at height, you get fresh breeze round the day. The cross ventilation in the house is incredible, and you may not need air conditioners to maintain the temperature inside the house. Cons • Long weight for the lift: Since limited lifts are catering the whole building, you may need to wait for the elevator for long sometimes. In case of power shut down, you may need to use staircase for moving up and down, which can be a painful job. • Risky: Especially if you have small kids in the house, you need to stay extra alert, since slight negligence may cause a deadly accident. Guest who fears heights may not feel very comfortable at your place.

Ground Floor Pros • Easy accessibility: Being on the ground floor is best since you can get to your home on a tired day without waiting for the lift. In case of emergency, you can immediately get the help if you are on ground floor. • Can have extra space: Some private condos may have an additional enclosed area around the house. This gives you a chance to get that extra space at a reasonable cost. • Safer and more convenient to maintain from the exterior: For families with small kids, this is a more reliable option. Also for those who are cleanliness conscious, it is much easier to clean the exteriors yourself, unlike in case of floors above, where you need a professional team to get the work done. It is wiser to take the opinion of your family members on the suitability of the property by having a nice visit to the area with them so that you don’t repent of the choice later.